How It Works

How it works

How it Works:

We Crate It, You Make It

Sign up and pick your first week's meals for our subscription meal-kit service

We source as many local ingredients as possible, pre-portion, and deliver to you weekly

You become the chef, creating delicious meals with our step by step recipe card

We make it easy!

If your meals are chosen before Thursday at 9:00 pm, your first order will be delivered on the following Monday before 6:00 pm.

Each Monday, you'll receive an email with meals AUTOSELECTED by our chefs, from a rotating weekly menu based on your preferences.

You'll have all week until Thursday at 9:00 pm to change your meals. You're able to choose meals from our weekly menu or monthly customer favorites menu.

No Commitment

We make it easy for you to skip weeks, pause for a period of time, or cancel if needed.

You Have Choices

We offer a great variety to help you find something that fits your taste with 11 meals to choose from each week.
  • Weekly Rotational Menu that consists of 6 meals
  • Monthly Customer Favorites Menu which consist of 5 meals
Along with providing major nutritionals, our meal also offer a variety of options consisting of:
  • Gluten-Free
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Paleo

How It's Priced

$13.50 / Serving

2 Meals of 2 Servings Each

$12.00 / Serving

3 Meals (or more) of 2 Servings Each

Always FREE Shipping!

The minimum order per week is 2 meals (4 servings)

Local responsibility is the core of our business

We create recipes with local chefs!

By partnering with your favorite chefs in Minnesota, we are able to showcase seasonal local recipes with local advocates.

Daniel Kline's culinary education brought him to Spain, France, England, India and New York, where he has worked and trained at top Michelin starred restaurants such as Craft, Bouchon, and The Fat Duck. After graduating from NYU, Daniel also pursued a career in film. Daniel is an Emmy nominated producer, and a 2013 & 2014 James Beard Award winner and the founder of The Perennial Plate which is an online weekly documentary series dedicated to socially responsible and adventurous eating.

We source ingredients locally.

We work with farmers and producers within a 100 mile radius to source as many local ingredients as possible.

Local Hunger Relief Partners

We believe that we have a responsibility to help with local hunger relief efforts. That is why we have partnered with The FINNEGANS Community Fund which partners with local farmers to help fight hunger in our communities.